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Triumph International Vietnam

Triumph International, one of the world´s leading intimate apparel companies, has been around for almost 130 years, becoming larger and more international by the decade.

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Why Triumph International Vietnam?

Triumph International, one of the world´s leading intimate apparel
companies, has been around for almost 130 years, becoming larger and
more international by the decade. Such a long period of success is only
possible with a keen sense for fashion and excellent insights into the
desires and needs of our consumers. Beautiful designs, advanced textile
engineering and unparalleled innovative power have always been achieved
with an experienced and motivated community of employees around the
world – they are the true “Makers of Lingerie”.

Therefore, we continuously strive to recruit new talent, offering them
one of the textile industry’s most international working environments,
excellent conditions and great development opportunities in a company
still owned and managed by the founding families.

Today, Triumph International employs over 36,000 men and women in 6
continents, with an annual turnover of 2.1 billion Swiss francs (2012)
and a multi-facetted product palette that is sold in 120 countries. For
our brands Triumph, sloggi, Valisère, and HOM, we develop, produce and
market underwear, shape wear, sleepwear and swimwear. We serve 40,000
wholesale customers and sell our products in 2,100 Triumph Stores as
well as via several own online shops. We manufacture in high-tech and
socially compliant production facilities, many of them owned and
operated directly by us, using environmentally friendly and
energy-saving production methods and the most modern and skin-friendly


Triumph strives to lead the global intimates market and to achieve profitable growth. We collaborate to exceed consumer expectations with desirable, highest-quality, and best-fit products supported by best-in-class services. Passionate employees – valued as our greatest assets and ambassadors to the market – make our brands strong and desired. Inspired by family heritage, we ensure responsible, ethical and compliant corporate conduct and take great care of the global environment.


Our consumers and employees trust and want to be
part of Triumph, a company empowering self-confidence. Consumers, who
buy, wear and trust our brands and products will be empowered through
the feeling of attractiveness, through a positive self perception as
well as enhanced well being and self-esteem.

Employees who work
with us will shape our future success through the trust we have in
everyone’s own strength, value and ability. They will be proud to belong
to Triumph because we empower them to think, act and decide self 
confidently as brand ambassadors, entrepreneurs and pioneers every day.
As a company we encourage both our consumers and employees around the
world to be more self confident, thus we strive to become iconic and
differentiated and grow sales profitably. We achieve our vision by
combining our branded point of view with deep consumer insight, becoming
a top class multi channel retailer and a profitable, high performance
organization, with a corporate focus on where to play.

We at Triumph firmly believe that as a corporation we have a responsibility towards what we affect with our actions that goes beyond delivering our business goals.

In our endeavor for sustainable and profitable growth we commit to conduct our global business legally and in a responsible and sustainable manner that is ethically sound and concerned with the welfare of our people, our communities, our stakeholders and the natural environment.
In our pursuit of this commitment, our actions are led by: Responsibility to include stakeholder interests in our decision-making and to ensure that good and ethical practices are observed & Sustainability for future generations by creating economic and social opportunities for our employees and communities while preserving the natural environment.
Through stringent governance and compliance standards we ensure that we apply this commitment and manage any risks that would undermine our responsibility, sustainability or the achievement of company objectives.
This commitment is consistent with our values and principles of honesty, integrity and respect for others. Our culture of continuous learning and improvement, our effective organizational structure and thorough communication will enable us to monitor and control our behavior to ensure a sustainable legacy for future generations.

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